No First St. Road Diet

On Tuesday, June 19th at 7:00 PM our Tustin City Council will vote on the Downtown Commercial Core Specific Plan (DCCSP).

The City wants to narrow First Street to one lane of car traffic between Newport Ave. and the 55 Freeway!

We're working to keep Tustin's roads flowing. Eliminating lanes on our busiest streets won't help that—in fact, it will hurt our businesses and the jobs they provide. Road diets are an unsafe and inefficient proposition to improve our roads and city.

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As part of the Downtown Commercial Core Specific Plan (DCCSP), the City wants to reduce car lanes on First Street (between CA-55  and Newport Ave.) down to one lane in each direction.

They’ll replace the lanes with diagonal parking, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks in the name of revitalization.

They’re not discussing how disastrous arterial road diets actually are for communities.



People affected

  • You live in Old Town

  • You live anywhere in Tustin

  • You work or own a business in Tustin

  • You dine and shop in Tustin but live in a neighboring community


Longer commutes

  • Irvine Blvd will become even more congested between Newport Ave and the 55 Freeway

  • In Playa del Rey, daily commutes increased by as much as AN HOUR after the Vista del Rey Road Diet in summer 2017.

  • After the 2017 Venice Blvd Road Diet in Mar Vista, Waze users reported notices of 45 minutes to travel just 6 blocks during peak traffic times.


Increased Response Times during Emergencies

Every moment counts when lives are on the line! Do you want to be the one waiting for help to arrive?

  • The City has provided zero written proof that the OC Fire Authority or the Tustin Police Department has analyzed the plan for safety implications
  • During 2017 La Tuna Wildfire, Sunland-Tujunga residents reported being unable to quickly evacuate and fire crews were unable to pass due to similar Road Diet in that area
  • Playa del Rey and Mar Vista residents and business owners have reported numerous incidents of Emergency Responders having difficulty getting through jams created by road diet

A Business Killer

LA’s experiments with road diets have caused local mom-and-pop businesses to suffer heavy losses, lay off employees, incur burdensome debt and even close up shop altogether.

Seven businesses have closed on the stretch of Venice in the year since that road diet began in May 2017. Owners in both Mar Vista and Playa del Rey experienced immediate drops in sales (25-45% reported), even at businesses with 35+ years of operating history. When the road diet was removed in Playa del Rey, business slowly returned to normal, however, the losses took a heavy toll on owners.


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