As part of the Downtown Commercial Core Specific Plan (DCCSP), the City wants to reduce car lanes on First Street (between CA-55  and Newport Ave.) down to one lane in each direction.

They’ll replace the lanes with diagonal parking, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks in the name of revitalization.

They’re not discussing how disastrous arterial road diets actually are for communities.



People affected

  • You live in Old Town

  • You live anywhere in Tustin

  • You work or own a business in Tustin

  • You dine and shop in Tustin but live in a neighboring community


Longer commutes

  • Irvine Blvd will become even more congested between Newport Ave and the 55 Freeway

  • In Playa del Rey, daily commutes increased by as much as AN HOUR after the Vista del Rey Road Diet in summer 2017.

  • After the 2017 Venice Blvd Road Diet in Mar Vista, Waze users reported notices of 45 minutes to travel just 6 blocks during peak traffic times.